Go Green

Industrial Engineering Corporation was established in the year 1972. Over the past decades we have built a solid reputation for great customer service. We know what it takes to manage the most critical applications which power your business. We have built relationships based on values, superior quality & reliable products and services. We are committed to providing the best products and services.

When you do business with us you can be rest assured…Truly.

 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

We have expertise across the value chain from Air Conditioning to Refrigeration, from Land based solutions to Marine applications.

 We provide the “Complete HVAC” Solution under one roof.

 With In-house infrastructure to professionally manage all types of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration work, you can be rest assured when you are doing business with us.

 Our computerized designing ability has ensured-Optimum Tonnage-Space Saving-Cost Control-Perfect Design to match and blend to any of your Air-conditioning & Refrigeration requirements...(click here to read more)

 Green & Energy Saving Solutions

We are committed to contribute towards a sustainable future for the generations to come so that they too can enjoy nature as it truly should be enjoyed. To help our cause we also promote use of green products and green practices. We are also working towards educating the younger generation to the concept of sustainable practices in our daily life to reduce our carbon footprint, use resources efficiently, avoid wastage, reduce pollution, etc.

Our range of Energy saving products provide a great mix of high quality, proven, patented products at reasonable prices. With global warming, ozone depletion and energy conservation being the focus globally, our solutions will ensure you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy costs and contribute to the “Green Mission”.(click here to read more)

 Measuring & Testing Instruments

We provide a complete range of Precision Measuring & Testing instruments for Electrical & Electronic systems. Our range of products provide a great mix of high quality and proven products at reasonable prices. (click here to read more)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Air Purification Solutions

"Over a million people in India die every year because of indoor air pollution, among highest in the world"- Hindustan Times, New Delhi Edition (Feb 2013)

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Air Purification to ensure that you live/work in an enviromnet which is healthy and safe.

Automation & Control

Automation & Control have become a buzzword to cut costs & improve productivity across a range of Industries. We provide a full range of customised solutions from BMS systems to  sensors. From VFD drives to controllers.

Our solutions ensure that your business is always moving ahead by incorporatng the latest technologies to make your business more productive & cost effecient. (click here to read more)

 Laboratory Equipment

We provide a complete range of Laboratory Equipment on turn-key basis for all kinds of Laboratories in  Engineering Colleges, Schools, R&D Labs, etc.

 Our solutions ensure that your labs are never found wanting when it comes to quality equipment.(click here to read more)

Solutions for Residential Customers

We provide a comprehensive Integrated solution to provide a single point solution for your requirements in:  Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC),  Green & Energy Saving, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Air Purification to ensure that you live in an enviromnet which is comfortable, healthy, safe, sustainable  and energy efficient. (click here to read more)